Jar No. 81

Jar No 81
Kirsty Hall: Jar No 81, March 2011

Jar No 81 in situ
Kirsty Hall: Jar No 81 in situ, March 2011

Contents: Silver wire + glycerine
Released into wild: 22/3/11 at 21.09
General Location: Clifton, Bristol
Status: Found by Mark Higson on 23/3/11

This jar was a challenging delight to photograph. I love the way the tip of the wire just dips into the liquid.

Jar No 81 close up 01
Kirsty Hall: Jar No 81 close up, March 2011

If you tip the jar up, the glycerine coats the inside of the jar and the wire sculpture before very slowly dripping off the ends. It’s mesmerising. I might have to make myself another one to play with.

Jar No 81 close up 03
Kirsty Hall: Jar No 81 close up, March 2011

I got so many great close-ups that it was hard to choose – you can see a couple more over on the 365 Jars set.

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