Jar No 115

Jar No 115
Kirsty Hall: Jar No 115, April 2011

Jar No 115 in situ
Kirsty Hall: Jar No 115 in situ, April 2011

Contents: Ink & pencil drawing & greaseproof paper
Released into wild: 25/4/11 at 23.54
General Location: Clifton, Bristol
Status: Found by Mark Higson

Things that are not good on a Jar Walk: insects flying up my nose!

This hasn’t happened to me whilst releasing jars before, this evening it happened not once, but twice. Apparently my left nostril was the place to be if you were a Clifton moth tonight. Weird.

This is another jar that plays around with the idea of obscuring the contents slightly. I do like the muted, softening effect of the greaseproof paper over the drawing.

Jar No 115 close up
Kirsty Hall: Jar No 115 close up, April 2011


Thanks to the Curbly blog for mentioning the jars in this lovely round up of DIY uses for jars – apparently I’m a bit ‘on trend’ at the moment. Who knew?

I was delighted to be mentioned on the Flavorpill blog too. I especially liked this bit:

“We wish we lived in Bristol so that we could be on the lookout for Hall’s charming art jars – it’s like an Easter egg hunt every day, only instead of chocolate bunnies, you find art.”

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